Monday, 28 July 2014


Along with an excessive makeup collection often comes an even bigger collection of makeup brushes. Each makeup brush i own comes with a makeup brush of the same purpose that always stays left behind in it's pride of place on my dressing table. Having only one face and only two eyes makes it impossible for me to use each brush in my stash on a daily basis, and there is a set collection of brushes that i reach for on a more regular basis. I decided to take you through my favourite eye brushes which i managed to whittle down to just five..

NANSHY BLENDING EYE BRUSH - LINK(*): The first on the brushes list, is a beautifully soft blending brush from Nanshy. This is part of the Masterful Collection which has yet to launch, but you can get more information and a 20% off code here! The flat blending property of this brush makes it perfect for applying colour through the crease along with adding a dash of colour on the lower lash line. It's one of the more multi-tasking brushes of the selection as it also works brilliantly at applying a wash of colour all over the lid, while it's semi-dense bristles work at blending out all those unwanted harsh lines. It's also the perfect shape for applying colour to the outer third of the eye.

CROWN C441 BLENDING CREASE BRUSH - LINK: Another blending brush, but unlike the other this Crown brush works solely at blending out harsh lines and blending colour through the crease. This domed shape blending brush has loosely packed bristles which work at blending any colour. Unlike many other blending brushes, with this brush you don't do most of the work. This brush has the ability to blend out colour seamlessly without being too time consuming. It's also perfect for blending a transition colour through the crease before creating a smokey or any dramatic eye.

CROWN C213 CHISEL MINI SMUDGER - LINK: When it comes to smudging out colour on the lower lash line this brush from Crown Brushes is first rate. It's densely packed bristles make it super easy to smudge colour onto the lower lash line. It's the perfect small flat shape for blending out eyeliner for a more smokey look while not making it look ridiculous and messy. This brush is definitely the go to for a good smokey colour on the lower lash line, and in my eyes is essential for a smokey eye in general, alongside a good blending brush.. obvs.

CROWN C431 PRECISION DETAIL BRUSH - LINK: A pencil brush is definitely not an essential, but is definitely a good one to have in your stash. This one from Crown Brushes is the perfect tapered shape smoking colour onto the lower lash line and smudging out eyeliner. However, this brush is also perfect for applying brow bone highlight as it the perfect shape and size. Its also suitable for applying colour on the outer V of the eye pre-blending!

CROWN C208 CHISEL DELUXE FLUFF - LINK: A supersized flat shader brush to reduce the manual labour involved in applying a wash of colour to the lid. This brush makes it easy to apply colour to the full area of the lid in just one go. The densely packed bristles make it perfect for packing on colour to get the shadow to it's full colour and pigmentation intensity. It's definitely an essential in any collection, especially for all you lazy, the less work the better kind of gals.

And that's it, my full guide to my favourite makeup brushes. From blending to packing on the colour, these brushes have got you covered..

Sunday, 27 July 2014


After last week's pretty atrocious, and embarrassing yellow lighting situation- i have finally found a place in my natural light deprived room, that gives decent lighting to film in. Surprisingly it's the place furthest from my video but it doesn't totally wash me out, no more ghostly pale skin, and it's not too dull either. I'm extremely looking forward to filming more videos now that the lighting situation is improving!!

This weeks video was a bit of a fun one to film, i decided to film a makeup tutorial for the first time in quite a while. Feeling overly inspired my the good weather we are having round these parts of Ireland recently, i decided to embrace yellow eye-shadow in all it's glory! Wearing it on the lower lash line makes the whole experience feel all the less daunting, and really makes the eyes pop! Nothing was going to make me stop after the yellow eyeshadow though, and out came my trusty Rimmel Kate lipstick in 16, a gorgeous bright coral pink colour, and if you dig 12+ months back into the archives you will find this lipstick was one of my Summer 2013 faves, boy how times haven't changed.


An easy way to ease yourself into the depths of coloured eyeshadow, even for the faint hearted. Try it with any other eyeshadow colour and it will work just as good. Thank ya'll for watching!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


After realizing a gaping hole in my wardrobe in the form of a structured, sophisticated bag i took to the world of online shopping to put things right. After consulting many various websites, i found myself scanning the pages of the wonderful Boohoo sale, and to my delight fast came across this beautiful tote(€16) for almost half it's original price, and i knew it would fill all the holes in my wardrobe.

Unfortunately it is no longer available and has sold out. But i am absolutely amazed at the quality of the bag, for such an affordable price i was not expecting much and i'm sure most other bags from Boohoo are of equally good quality. It's in no ways a cheap, tacky faux leather and it feels so sturdy and well structured. It's not at all flimsy, and it smells so good too - i have a thing for nice smelling items! It's safe to say i am in love, and my 10-year-old handbag obsessing self would even give their seal of approval to this beauty.

I've also noticed it is uncannily similar to the Michael Kors Selma Bag, which i shall spend the rest of my days lusting for - until funds allow me to purchase such a luxurious and beautiful piece! Minus the shoulder strap on the Selma, this bag is almost an exact dupe!

I'm pretty much in love with this bag, its the perfect mixture of sophistication & class & looks rather expensive for the price, not to mention it's basically a dupe of the Michael Kors Selma, minus the luxury of course! 

Monday, 21 July 2014


Big hair, and loose bouncy glamourous waves has always been something i lusted for. After trying various methods, that left me with frizz and just gave my thick unruly hair an unattractive kink i decided it was time to try something specifically targeted for achieving the look i always coveted. I had initially intended on picking up the Babyliss Soft Waves Styler(€31.99/£24.99), which is an extra long thick 34mm barrel specifically designed for us girls with long thick hair but it wasn't in stock when i needed it.

Instead i picked up the next best thing, the Babyliss Glamour Waves Curling Tong(€25.59 /£19.99), it's extremely similar to the Styler, only that it's that bit shorter in length, has a thicker 38mm barrel, and has a clamp. The barrel is infused with keratin, to create extra shiny & healthy looking hair. It creates the most beautiful, soft bouncy waves, when used as a curling tong & the hair is just wrapped around the barrel, without using the clamp. With the clamp it also has the ability to create even bigger, looser waves but i have yet to master using it in this way - i always end up with a crease in the ends of my hair from where the clamp sat.

Down to the nitty gritty, safety-junkies will love to know that this has yet to cause any harm to me after weeks of use, and a very clumsy butter fingers reputation. The Babyliss Glamour Waves comes with 4 heat settings ranging from 165 degrees to 210. Unlike other curling tongs i have tried, this heats up in less than minutes. There's no loitering around waiting for it to heat up, and in the sake of 30 seconds you can get your wave on! Incase you forget to switch it off before you leave the house, it's also fitted with an auto switch off, meaning there's no need to turn back mid way through your daily work commute. It comes with a heat protectant mat too, so is definitely a save bet for all us clumsy bettys!

With regards the hold of the curl, it really depends on how fine your hair is. As i have already mentioned- 100000 odd times before - i have extremely thick hair which means any type of curl doesn't last in my hair, at all. The weight of my hair leads these waves to drop within a couple of hours, with most of the style going to the ends. But these waves drop so beautifully, that you could get away with them the day after and still look effortlessly glamorous, sounds like a dream right? A quick touch up and your good to go. The Keratin infused barrel really does seem to be working it's magic because everytime i use it my hair looks silky smooth and feels utterly beautiful!

If you're looking for a tong that gives you neat tight curls, that you want to hold in place all day this is definitely not for you. But, for girls with long thick hair, like yours truly, who crave effortless looking waves, and big big hair this is definitely the one for you. I feel that if you use it as a tong rather than the way i use it, you would be able to achieve bigger, bouncier hair - but as aforementioned, i have yet to master that technique!

How i currently use this to make my hair look styled, without that much effort, is simply by sectioning my head in two, baring in mind i have extremely long, thick hair those gals with shorter, thinner hair may get away with not sectioning it at all. I use the tongs on the highest heat setting which is 210 degrees and turning the barallel upside down I wrap approx a 1inch section of my hair around it, in the direction that is away from my face. I leave it for anything between 20-30 seconds, just to give a greater curl and increase the longevity. I usually stick to the one direction when curling it, and don't alter it. I find this allows the waves to merge into a few big thick waves. Once i have my whole head curled, i like to slightly back comb my hair from the ends upwards, this just adds to the volume. I then spray my whole head with hair spray, and voila, i'm good to go!

The Babyliss Glamour Waves definitely gets my seal of approval, it satisfies my lust for big bouncy waves, while also leaving my hair looking beautifully smooth & shiny & all at a budget friendly price.. what more could a gal want?