Monday, 29 September 2014


Although hair oils are a definite staple in my hair care routine, i have always avoided their sister - body oils, for fear that all the stereotypical properties of oil would apply to them. Y'know, the impossible period of waiting for the oil to sink in, or the prospect of being left with a tacky oil residue for days later -  i mean, you really can't blame a girl for shying away! However this multi-tasking offering from Roger & Gallet has set the bar high for future oils that find their way into my stash, both hair and body oils alike.

For those of you who don't know, Roger & Gallet is a French fragrance brand, renowned for the remarkable scents and incredible body products available. It's no different for the Fleur De Figuier scent, a beautiful blend of grapefruit, fig milk, and fig pulp- giving the perfect comforting, sweet aroma for a blissful Autumn pamper night. The Fleur De Figuier Huile Gourmande (£20.48/€26.23)*, contains a nourishing harmony of grape, pomegranate, blackcurrant, apricot, sweet almond oils, and is enriched with omega 6, and vitamins A and E, the perfect blend to nourish your tresses and your pins.

When the lightweight oil is massaged into the skin, the scent lingers ever so slightly. The oil absorbs almost immediately, and there's no flailing around with no place to go, as you can get dressed within minutes, and avoid turning everything into a greasy disarray. Once the oil has worked its magic (quite literally) it leaves your skin feeling sublimely smooth, and looking ever-so silky, think beach ready.

However, when used on the hair this Fleur De Figuier Huile Gourmandeworks even more wonders. The impeccable oil has the ability to restore and replenish any hair type, with effects especially visible on coloured hair. We're all aware of my tresses trauma, the long thick hair malarkey(which is officially no more) but, this oil restores any shine my hair once had, while giving me a beautiful aroma to carry around with me for the day, thanks to hair for holding scents for long periods. It enhances the colour, making it look that bit more vibrant, especially on days when it's looking a bit dreary and dull. All while making it feel beautifully soft, and dare i say it, healthy.

Soft skin, silky locks - it's safe to say that this oil is a wonder worker. All with a beautiful scent that comes in a vast range of products, all view-able here. With an 'a little goes a long way' attitude, this oil definitely is worth the hefty price tag. And, rumour has it is it's on sale at Escentual right now, go!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


If there's one motto i have when it comes to fake tanning - it's go dark or go home. To me, nothing quite beats the feeling of a fresh, dark brown tan to make your pasty old self feel a little more glamorous. I'm secretly verging on tan-aholic, and just don't feel myself unless i have bronzed pins. If you were to raid my fake tan stash, you would come across a strong majority of tanning mousses, with the Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse being a strong contender as one of my favourites.

The Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse in Dark(£4.99/€6.25) is a deep bronzed tanning mousse which has the ability to look natural after applying one coat, but for darker pins i like to opt for another bonus coat. After two coats of the tan is applied, it sinks into the skin almost immediately, allowing you to get dressed much sooner than after using other tans. When first applied it can look a little in-your-face dark, verging on tango, but after rinsing off 6-12 hours later, you are left with a beautifully even tan.

Unlike pretty much the whole tanning population, there's no biscuit stench to it. There's a slight hint of an almost fruity, verging on coconut fragrance but it doesn't linger once applied to the skin, so nobody will be able to tell you've tanned after one whiff of your scent the following day. One thing i have noticed about this tan, is it's tendency to transfer. I've found that it transfers on to clothes, bed sheets, etc much more than other tanning mousses i have tried- luckily it doesn't stain is all i'm gonna' say!

The tan itself contains both Aloe Vera and Glycerine both targeted to soften the skin, and leave it feeling silky smooth. I also found it to be very long lasting, lasting anything between 5-7 days before washing off completely. After a few days of showering, the tan begins to fade evenly, prolonging the duration of your tanned pins, while not looking streaky, or old and worn.

When used with the Sunkissed Tanning Mitt(£3.99/€5.00), you have the perfect tanning duo. The tanning mitt is fitted with patented technology, which stops tan soaking into your fingers within the mitt. It's quite a dreamy duo, because nobody appreciates the cheese puff inspired fingers, ey? It also works amazing at applying the tan evenly, minus the streaks. It's incredibly easy to wash, just pop in the washing machine and the mitt is good as new!

The perfect tanning team, for a budget friendly price. Tanned pins, minus the tango-ness, while avoiding smelling of biscuits fresh out of the biscuit box.. What's not to love?

Sunday, 14 September 2014


There's no denying things have been a bit worse for wear around these parts- posts being neither here no there, and a collapse in the typical Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday routine that we had goin' on for so long. Even though i've only been back to school two full weeks, this lack of routine has been ongoing throughout the duration of most of the Summer and it's down to my general lack of routine, and motivation these past few months but also down to the whirlwind that has become my life.

So much has being going on in my personal life, recently, that's its challenging to mentally process. However, thankfully everything that's happened has been extremely positive, leading me to feel overwhelmed with both mixed emotions and euphoria!

I recently got shortlisted for Best Beauty Blog & Best Lifestyle Blog in the Irish Blog Awards 2014, my first ever achievement in any type of blog awards, one that i am extremely proud of. The final list is due to be announced this week, so fingers crossed - even though i am up against incredible competition so making the next round seems a little far-fetched for little ol' VT!

Some amazing things have happened in my family as of late, with both engagement and Silver wedding anniversary celebrations going on around me, it seems everyone's all loved up - and me, well i'm still firmly in love with pizza, oh that cheesy, crunchy base really knows how to make you feel special!

That brings me up to this week, the day i have dreaded since the moment i finished my state exams back in June - results day. On Wednesday, i got a big white envelope, containing 10 grades that mean nothing, yet mean so much. I was absolutely overjoyed when i saw the final results, results that i could have worked a million times harder for, yet results i'm extremely proud of nonetheless.

The last few months have been a whirlwind full of emotion, and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop anytime soon. Many exciting things are to come between now and the end of the year, and quite frankly, i'm ready for it, so come at me..

Monday, 8 September 2014


NYX is an American brand that has recently crossed the shores and become widely available on the Irish market. With a vast selection of makeup products available - many making it into makeup enthusiasts' go-to pile - all for a budget friendly price, it's become one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in the US. Being the proactive beauty blogger i am, I've given some of the products a good trial runnin' and here's the verdict..

Having not fully delved into the depths of this brand as of yet, in terms of eyes i've only tried one product, one of their most renowned products - the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk(£5.00/€6.30). A multi-use product, this is the one to have in your product line up. It's creamy consistency makes it blend beautifully across the lid, acting as a base for shadow - intensifying & prolonging the colour. It's also famously used among the beauty community as an inner corner and brow highlight. It blends seamlessly on the brow bone, where the milky, matte white shade works at defining the brows and adding depth to your whole look. Used in the inner corner and waterline this eye pencil can make even the dullest of eyes instantly appear much more awake, making it a must have for early mornings, or the morning after.

Many of the brand's most known and loved products root from the lip category, with award winning products such as their Soft Matte Lip Creams being widely loved among makeup junkies world wide. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have their Butter Glosses(£5.00/€6.30) (again, award winning), which i have got my mitts on in both Merengue and Peaches & Cream. Essentially liquid lipsticks, these highly pigmented lipglosses come with a doe-foot applicator. As aforementioned, i'm not a huge lip-gloss lovin' kind of gal, but i have to say these have converted me. Although they're not at all long lasting (think 1hour at the max, if you're a chatterbox or indulging), their cheap as chips price tag means it's okay to chuck them into your handbag for on the go top up. They don't feel too heavy, or suffocating on the lips, a characteristic i usually associate with products of their kind. However they can be a little sticky when you first apply, not extremely sticky, more so a little tacky but i simply dab off the excess product which also eases the typical glossy finish of these lip glosses. They also smell delicious and very similar to the MAC Lipsticks..winner!
 Another lip product that i have tried is their Lip Pencil in Dolly Pink(£3.50/€4.99) A gorgeous, pink-toned lilac shade it's the perfect base to use in combination with the Butter Gloss in Merengue where it increases longevity, and intensifies the colour pay off, giving an almost statement lilac lip. The pigmented lip pencil can also be used to outline the lip, or slightly over draw for the Kylie J lip. Being a lip pencil means it's quite drying, making it not the most suitable for use on it's own, but it works wonders under a clear gloss.

In terms of base makeup, two of the brands products took my fancy. The Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sun Beam(£7.00/€8.82) fed my love of glowy skin last season. A liquid highlighter it can be used mixed with either primer or foundation, or can also be used on it's own to spot highlight certain areas of the face. The pinky champagne highlight blends beautifully on its own to add dimension to the face, and highlight the cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone. Used mixed with foundation or primer, this illuminator works at illuminating the whole base making the skin appear much more rejuvenated and awake, allowing you to say toodles to tired, dull looking skin.
Another base love of mine from the brand is the Dewy Finish Setting Spray(£8.00/€10.08), which has got its stamp of approval from even the biggest makeup critics. A spritz of this spray sets your full face of makeup in place all day long, yet doesn't mattify it or make it look cakey which is one of the downfalls of using a setting powder. While not making the skin look shiny, or overly dewy- verging on oily, this spray still gives you a dewy finish and prevents slipping, keeping your makeup set all day. I skipped the powder and opted for this spray all Summer long, and they also offer a Matte version, which i will undoubtedly be picking up for the Winter months.

NYX Matte Lip Cream(£5.50/€6.90)
NYX Matte Setting Spray(£8.00/€10.08)
NYX Blush in Taupe(£6.00/€7.50) (good'un for contouring!)

Glossy lips, matte lips, dewy skin, matte skin. It seems NYX Cosmetics have really grabbed my attention, and this love affair is definitely far from over..