Lip liners are often a product associated with - particularly in modern day society - overdrawn lips, a craze we simply cannot shake, and one that is plastered all over the majority of our Instagram feeds on a daily basis but one that can look incredible when done right. However, while many of us struggle to pull off the aforementioned look, lip liners can still be our best friends. Giving us longer lasting lip colour, more precise application and a much more vivid colour pay off. 

On a quest to find the ultimate everyday appropriate lip liner, my paths seemed to have diverted seeing me slowly accumulate quite a selection of deep winter shades and i have compiled a brief run down on whats hot and not;

At a mere €1.99 a piece, these fall in as the cheapest of the bunch, while being runner up in how much product each liner contains. These liners glide on effortlessly without tugging at the lips in any way, delivering a high colour pay off that lasts. As they are not all that drying on the lips, for a natural tint to the lips they could be used for all over, but for an intense colour i like to opt for a lipstick on top. Fab Fuchsia comes in as a rich berry pink shade, which surprisingly works perfect under Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 07, for a wearable everyday pink. Chestnut on the other hand is a deep coffee shade, with a slight red undertone - ideal for achieving the deep lip of the 90's.
(Now available in a selection of Dunnes Stores throughout Ireland)

A range of lip liners said to be sported by Queen Kylie herself. Coming in much greater in price than the aforementioned Wet N Wild offering, these are on the much more luxurious end of the scale. Yes they are good, they deliver and are probably a little more long lasting and creamier than the others in the bunch - yet to me, they really don't excel given the price comparison. I'd happily add more to my collection for the incredible shade range, but for the basic shade the cheaper alternatives can happily do the work. However, Burgundy comes in at a deep red, burgundy shade, obvs - the ultimate offering for a deep vampy lip.  Another thing worth noting: these lip liners really seem to wear down quite rapidly given the hefty price tag.

On the drier end of the scale, these liners have a tendency to slightly pull and drag on the lips during application. In my opinion the are slightly too drying to use as sole all over the lip colour, but when paired with a lipstick or even lip-balm, they can work. Due to their dry formulation, they remain in place and do not smudge. In terms of colour, Satin Mauve is the ultimate dupe for MAC's Whirl, with a slightly drier formulation. For extremely dry lips, i wouldn't recommend - unless you wish to just outline the lips in preparation for lipstick application. However, for those of us blessed with well moisturised lips there's a possibility a little balm on the top will make it work.

In complete contrast to the Essence range, Fuschia's selection of lip pencils have an extremely creamy formula, gliding on beautifully. However, this also sees them having a tendency to smudge, particularly immediately after applying. Furthermore, out of them all they appear to have the shortest staying power. I feel it's quite ambitious to sport these entirely on their own, and while they work under lipstick, for me their creamy formula makes for the perfect pencil to use when creating an ombre lip - as they are easier to blend than the norm, with Eggplant - a beautiful purple berry shade -working wonderfully for vampy ombre lips.

It's quite a varied bunch, each liner with different characteristics that lure me in. With such a broad price spectrum, each delivering some similar qualities - it demonstrates that price tags do not influence the quality of your lip-liner line-up.

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.
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Yves Rocherthe natural French beauty brand, is a brand that briefly featured round these parts in the late stages of last year, and since then a selection of their products have made it into my daily routine, with their selection of scents becoming my go-to.

The latest of their fragrances to come onto my radar is Le Parfum Comme Une Evidence(£51.00/€70.41)* - the ultimate romantic scent. With a slight hint of floral- it's a subtle one, one that reminds me slightly of the smell of talcum powder in all the right ways. Being a complete novice to the world of scent descriptions- i can only describe it with words such as classy, feminine, and elegant. Providing a long lasting fragrance, it's an ideal option for a any night out or special occasion. 

In terms of packaging, the ditsy bottle of this Yves Rocher offering is fitting for any ladies dressing table. The baby pink squeeze bulb adds to the overall elegance of the fragrance itself. A down fall the squeeze bulb carries, however, it restricts the amount of product per spray, only slightly diffusing the spray in comparison to the norm - which doesn't seem a huge negative, but as a person who likes a good dose of perfume to carry me through the day, it has proven to be.

Overall though, it's a winner, a winner with quite a hefty price tag- but a winner all the same. The feminine packaging, the overall elegance and the aura of class it carries. With a further selection of products available in the Comme Une Evidence fragrance, it's a scent i will undoubtedly be delving further into, harmonizing my body products with my signature perfume.

Inject a little extra class into any date night with this Yves Rocher perfume, and bag yours for half the price tag now on the Yves Rocher site.



Admittedly, rings are a branch of jewellery that i steer well clear of, i am already aware of how sausage-like my fingers are, so when finding rings to fit the struggle is real. However recently, a hand made jewellery range has come onto my radar, and have been blingin' up my fingers and hands ever since with their beautiful bohemian-style range of jewellery.

This introduction to the aforementioned handmade and sourced shop, run by fellow blogger Nia Sky has seen my shyness of rings come to a sudden halt. From rings, to necklaces or bracelets fitted with crystals, Vanilla Shimmer have got all your jewellery needs covered with a unique twist that will not break the bank.

As a whole, after months of sporting these fabulous trio the rings must be highly commended for having held their shape very well. While the Yes Ring(£3.20/€4.40)*is a little flimsy due to its adjustable nature- which allows you to vary what finger you can wear it on, it's still my favourite of the bunch. For the gals out there who never vacate their comfort zone, this is ring acts as a friendly reminder to say yes a little more often - or maybe i'm just very philosophical- who knows?! The runner up is undoubtedly the Triangle Midi Ring(£2.60/€3.50)*, this ring is also adjustable catering for us chubby finger ladies. Finally, the one to complete the trio is the Infinity Midi Ring(£3.20/€4.40)* and the only one that isn't adjustable but remains the most sturdy and structured of the bunch. Admittedly, this is the one you will see me wearing less often due to personal preference, as i do feel the Infinity sign slightly resembles a pair of over-sized glasses - particularly on my fingers!

It's safe to say I have a new found love in the form of Vanilla Shimmer's jewellery range. With a unique selection of jewellery with all made with love and care to get even the most acute details flawless, it's definitely a range to check out. After over 2 months of wearing these rings, its only now that on inspection i can see a slight colour change in the gold, and a very slight tinge of green left behind after a long day's wear - but for the affordable price tag i'm willing to put it aside as i've encountered much worse from more expensive jewellery. It's the perfect range of jewellery for any season, but i believe it will exceed perfect when it comes to getting your festival jewellery fix!

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.



Coming up to the third anniversary of VT, it was becoming slightly crazy that i had yet to meet with a group of bloggers and engage with them on a personal level. Up until now the only meeting i've had with a fellow blogger was when i briefly encountered Danielle almost a year back - who might i add is just a lovely as she comes across online! I gathered it was about time i bit the bullet and got in on some blogging banter, and met people i have become so fondly acquainted with via twitter and other social mediums, for the first time IRL, on a planned/organised occasion instead of by complete chance! 

Yesterday was the day that saw this happen as i ventured cross-country brimming with anticipation to meet some fellow Irish teen bloggers. The typical long 2+ hour drive faded into nothing as i was consumed with a mixture of excitement and nerves, amidst a slight fear of the unknown (that's what watching excessive episodes of Catfish does to a gal!)

Upon arrival, i met with one of my main girls, Sarah and off we trotted through the unfamiliar grounds of Dundrum shopping centre to the assigned meeting spot. There gathered were 5 bloggers who i had been so accustomed to seeing on my screen, stood infront of me, no longer in pixel form but - IN THE FLESH! It's such a surreal experience meeting people you are so used to seeing online both in videos and pictures standing right before your eyes within arms reach and once the initial awkwardness died down a little (with my repeated "I'm so awkward" exclaims), it almost seemed as though it was a gathering of 7 old pals.

The girls were incredibly lovely, with bright and bubbly personalities and absolutely stunning! Selfie stick fun was had - and no shame was displayed as we squeezed together for a selfie in the middle of Eddie Rockets, food was devoured and shops were browsed. When it was time to say goodbye i was full of relief that they were all the same people that appeared in their selfies(you can never be too safe, yano?) and also felt a little like a someone waving goodbye to a good friend emigrating - yes, even just after 3 hours of chats and giggles, but these girls are really fabulous and it was all over much too soon - and without a doubt it will happen again, because they're squad goals and genuinely such a lovely bunch!

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